Business Data Solutions

Business data solutions

Fuse has the ability to offer its clients a full suite of data services from a range of suppliers, encompassing everything from simple broadband to more complex network solutions.

As with all the services we provide, our aim is to always find you the most appropriate and cost-effective data solutions. We then manage and monitor them for you to deliver ongoing savings as well as a solution that is compatible with your business requirements, however they develop over time.

And where geographic location influences your businesses options, we will work with you to identify the most efficient and practical alternatives to ensure you receive the best possible service.


With Fuse your business can enjoy all the benefits of the most competitive high-speed business broadband available in your area, all managed from a single point of contact. We’ll make sure you have all the help, support and technical advice you require, as well as keeping you abreast of any new product or service developments that might benefit your business.

EFM (Ethernet in the First Mile)

As the next step up from broadband, EFM offers a fast, reliable and cost-effective internet access solution, So should standard broadband services prove inadequate for your business needs, our EFM solutions can prove an excellent alternative to leased lines as they combine multiple internet connections in one virtual connection, which means unlimited upload and download capacity, guaranteed speeds and bandwidth, as well as uncontended internet access.


The Ethernet we provide is basically a large Local Area Network (LAN) that offers your business a fast, reliable and secure inter-office network, making it easy for people in different locations to connect using voice, video, email and other essential business applications. Importantly, ethernet networks are private, secure and exclusive to each individual business. Ethernet can allow your business to benefit from consistent and scalable bandwidth over a stable and reliable network.

MPLS (Multi-Protocol Label Switching)

MPLS has been designed to provide a secure, reliable and cost-effective way for employees in small and medium-sized businesses to interact efficiently and securely with customers, sites, staff and suppliers in any location over a totally private network. The key to MPLS is the way it assigns labels to data, thereby prioritising traffic and allowing business systems to perform more reliably and efficiently, especially in the case of business-critical and delay-sensitive applications. MPLS is capable of supporting all connection types, including leased lines, ADSL, EFM and Ethernet, and is also highly scalable, making it easy for the solution to be adapted as your requirements change.


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