Business Landline Calls

Business landlines and calls - outbound

As an essential communication tool, business landlines can be sourced from a wide range of leading telecoms suppliers. This means we are able to use our vast experience of the market to identify the most competitive line and call packages on your behalf. And by ensuring our recommendations are always tailored to your business needs, you can be sure that they will have the in-built flexibility to evolve as your business grows.

The new telecoms solution we provide can involve the installation of new lines, or the transfer of your existing services to a new, more cost-effective supplier. In either case we make the process quick, easy and with no disruption to your day-to-day business operations.

Business landlines and calls - inbound

We fully appreciate just how important inbound calls are to any business. Efficient telecoms systems make it easier for clients and business prospects to contact you and ensure calls are routed to the right person or department.

That’s why we provide a full range of inbound services capable of supporting your business needs. This includes memorable numbers that will enhance your marketing and advertising activities, as well as non-geographical numbers (NGNs) such as those prefixed with 0800 and 0845, while the online portals we can set up provide further flexibility and control by giving your business access to vital information and options.


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